America, Meet Your Candidate

Dear America,

In a point in history when American politics has become more about the, “fight” than about the future, Our Campaign – which is YOUR Campaign – is ceaselessly dedicated to realistic, feasible solutions to the challenges and problems the American Individual and the American Family are faced with every day, rather than having any interest whatsoever in sound bites and social media post views or in finding what is, “wrong” with our competing candidates.

We are not interesting in bickering, nor in blaming, nor in any manner being uncivilized in our Campaign and in our sincere and transparent goals.

Most importantly, Our Campaign is dedicated, in complete transparency and with no skeletons in our closet, to the genuine needs, wishes, desires and ideas of ALL Americans – of each and every one among us – We, The People.

Our belief is in creating a United States of America where effective, affordable, health-inducing (not disease-prolonging and cure-evading) healthcare, positive, ethical, appropriate education for our children, which includes the direct involvement of the parent of each American child in their education, as well as in creating realistic job opportunities which are accessible to all who make the choice to seek, find and maintain employment to support their lives and the lives and care of all of our loved ones.

For those who are unable to work a, “typical” job, due to illness, handicap or family obligations in that individual being in a situation where they must dedicate their time to caring for aged, ill or otherwise handicapped family member(s), we will work to create a fiscally-realistic social support system that does not enable the complacent into social deprivation and addiction, rather one which empowers the willing and the selfless to truly be the best versions of themselves.

Our Vision is rooted in realistic policies, sequentially-implemented based, on the current and future challenges in Our Great Nation, that prioritize the true well-being of All American Citizens and legal residents of The United States of America, ensuring that every community throughout Our Great Nation can and will flourish.

From breaking the cycle of recidivism to investing in infrastructure that connects us, we are committed to rebuilding The United States of America with true, humanitarian care and by advancing the progress of The USA, both domestically and abroad, with selfless courage – courage, not only instilled in and at the root of all of our future staff in The White House, but also by inspiring courage to find its way to the surface in each and every American Citizen and legal resident of The United States of America.

Please join us in shaping a future for The United States of America that truly reflects our longstanding, shared values and our collective spirit, as well as one that does not forget the basis upon which Our Great Nation was first founded.

It is time, today, for the next four years and for the entire future of Our Great Nation to elect a Leader who truly represents, actively listens to, and perpetually engages, respects and integrates into their policies and their actions the authentic, unfiltered will each and every one of We The People.

It is time for leadership that serves, unites, inspires and uplifts each and every of We The People.

It is time for leadership that walks the talk and does it at the very side and in partnership with every American Citizen and legal resident.

Yours Faithfully,

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Join Our Vision

Together we will create a better country

Your Opinion. Your Voice. Your Ideas. Your Experience. Your Knowledge. Your Social Reach and Your Financial Means.

All of that and more is what can and WILL change the course of history in the most powerful, realistic and positive way ever for The American People, now and for many generations to come.

You can join us as a volunteer, share our message on social media and with your personal and professional contacts and/or financially contribute to Our Campaign to assure that the True, Unedited, Unbiased and Unfiltered Voice and Choice of The American People Is Not Only Heard Via An Email Comment that gets an auto-responder message, But Actually Taken Into Consideration and Implemented.

Remember, Our Country, Our Nation, Our Republic is not just, “America” …

We, The People -You and I – are, unquestionably, the very essence, the full force and the entire contents of The United States of America.