Texas man running for president under name Literally Anybody Else

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A Texas man, previously known as Dustin Ebey, is making a bold statement in the political arena by legally changing his name to "Literally Anybody Else" and running for president. The North Richland Hills teacher and Army veteran is driven by a belief that American voters deserve more choices beyond the likely rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

In an interview with The Hill, Else expressed that his campaign is less about winning the Oval Office and more about sending a message to the political establishment about the frustrations of many Americans. "I don't care as much about winning the Oval Office, but it is important that the message gets through to…the powers that be, who decide who ends up on the ballot," he said. His aim is to challenge the status quo and highlight how "Literally Anybody Else" has become a popular sentiment among voters tired of the current political dynamics.

Else's new driver’s license now bears his chosen name, and he has officially filed to run under this name with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). He kicked off his campaign in January, during the last GOP primary debate, when it became clear that a Trump-Biden rematch was likely.

Reflecting on the motivations behind his candidacy, Else told WFAA88, "As we started getting closer to the election season, it became clearer that it was going to be the same, if not worse than the last two elections. In that feeling of desperation, I was like, ‘Man, is there any way we can put literally anybody else on the ballot?"

Else understands the significant challenges ahead, particularly in gathering the 113,151 signatures required under Texas law for an independent candidate to appear on the ballot. Aware of the difficulty in meeting these requirements, he is urging Texans to list his name as a write-in candidate, which has fewer barriers under state law.

Recent polls have indicated a general lack of enthusiasm among Americans for a rematch between Trump and Biden, with significant percentages expressing dissatisfaction with both potential nominees.

While Else is serious about his campaign, he has encountered some administrative hurdles. The FEC has flagged potential issues with his campaign's paperwork, which he is addressing with legal assistance to ensure full compliance.

Through his campaign, "Literally Anybody Else" is not just a name but a declaration that the American electoral system can and should offer better options to represent the diverse views and needs of its citizens.

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