Forging Our Future:

Your Voice,

Our Policies

Drawing on the profound insight of Franklin D. Roosevelt, our campaign operates on the principle that leadership is a trust given by the American people. The Literally Anybody Else campaign centers on your needs and what you deserve, ensuring your voice shapes our policies. Together, we’re committed to a future built by the people, for the people.

Housing Affordability for All
Housing should be a place to call home, not a financial burden. I’ll tackle the housing affordability crisis by supporting policies that increase affordable housing options and help first-time homebuyers achieve their dreams.
An-Innovative-Work-Based-Tax-Plan (1)
An Innovative Work-Based Tax Plan
Our tax plan rewards hard work and success by reducing the percentage of income you pay in taxes as you earn more. It supports small businesses, simplifies taxes, rewards innovation, and promotes environmental responsibility. It’s all about creating a fair and balanced tax system.
Supporting-Small-Business-Success (1)
Supporting Small Business Success
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. I’ll make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses by reducing unnecessary regulations and providing access to resources and funding.
Investing-in-Our-Communities (1)
Investing in Our Communities
Our roads, bridges, and public transportation systems are in dire need of attention. It’s not just about infrastructure; it’s about creating jobs and ensuring our communities can thrive. I’ll push for a comprehensive infrastructure plan to revitalize our nation and boost our economy.
education (1)
Improving Education for Tomorrow
Education is the key to a brighter future. I’ll champion innovative changes like converting to a year-round school system with trimesters or quadmesters and staggered start dates for students. This approach ensures that learning remains engaging and effective year-round.
Every American deserves access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare. Our plan ensures universal coverage, emphasizes preventive care, and integrates mental health services, laying the foundation for a healthier nation.
Securing-Our-Borders-Responsibly (1)
Securing Our Borders Responsibly
The focus should be on implementing policies that promote legal immigration pathways while simultaneously fortifying border security to deter criminal elements. It is imperative that we prioritize initiatives that encourage individuals to utilize legal channels while also taking robust measures to prevent illicit activities and threats from entering our borders.
Breaking the Cycle of Recidivism
I know that far too many people end up stuck in a cycle of crime and incarceration. We need real change, not just punishment. I’ll champion criminal justice reform that emphasizes rehabilitation, job training, and support for individuals reentering society.