Texas Army vet changes name, runs for president as 'Literally Anybody Else'

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A Texas Army veteran and seventh-grade math teacher, previously known as Dustin Ebey, has made a bold move in American politics by legally changing his name to "Literally Anybody Else" and announcing his candidacy for President. This unconventional name change symbolizes his campaign's challenge to the status quo and his call for a transformative vision in leadership.

Literally Anybody Else is running on a platform that critiques the current political environment, which he describes as shadowed by corruption and partisan gridlock. On his campaign website, he states, "In a landscape marred by the shadows of corruption and partisan gridlock, it’s time to break free from familiar shackles and demand something different." He emphasizes that humans are rational and moral beings who yearn for fairness and justice.

His campaign aims to secure 113,000 signatures from Texas residents who did not vote in the primaries to place his name on the general election ballot. If this effort falls short, he encourages supporters to write in his name as the "neither" option, providing a means to express dissatisfaction with the current options.

In an interview with FOX TV stations, Else shared his motivations for running: "I never really had a desire to actually be president. It’s just, I want good leadership. This country deserves good leadership, and we've fallen so far short of that goal that I felt like if nobody was going to stand up and at least make the message, it was going to be me." He stresses the need for collective action and support from the public to push back against the divisive and ineffective nature of current political practices.

His campaign addresses critical issues including affordable housing, improving education standards, securing the southern border, and ensuring healthcare for all Americans. Else's call for change resonates at a time when many Americans express frustration with the ability of both former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden to lead effectively. An ABC/Ipsos poll revealed a significant portion of the electorate remains skeptical of both leaders, with a large number stating they would trust neither.

Else's unique campaign approach reflects a broader discontent among voters and a desire for new leadership paradigms. Whether his campaign will achieve the necessary signatures to appear on the ballot remains to be seen, but his efforts mark a significant statement in the 2024 presidential race. Regardless of the election's outcome, Else reportedly plans to revert to his original name, Dustin Ebey, after the campaign, underscoring his view that his presidential run is more about sending a message than seeking office for personal gain.

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