A Texas man is running for president after changing his name to 'Literally Anybody Else'

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In a unique protest against the current political choices in the United States, a Texas man has taken the drastic step of legally changing his name to "Literally Anybody Else" and is now running for president. This unconventional candidate, originally named Dustin Ebey, is a 35-year-old Army veteran and seventh-grade math teacher who is discontent with the prospect of yet another election dominated by Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

His campaign slogan, "America should not be stuck choosing between the 'King of Debt' and an 81-year old," encapsulates his frustration with the current frontrunners, whom he refers to by Trump's self-declared title and Biden's age. Through his candidacy, Literally Anybody Else aims to serve as a rallying cry for those who are disenchanted with the perpetual struggle for power between the two major political parties, which he argues offers little benefit to the average citizen.

In an interview with the Texan news outlet WFAA, Else articulated that his run for the White House is not about achieving personal power but about offering a platform for voters to express their dissatisfaction with the current political leaders. He emphasizes the need for an option on the ballot that represents more than just the lesser of two evils, advocating for a candidate who genuinely reflects the will and identity of the electorate.

Else faces significant logistical challenges in his campaign, needing to gather 113,151 signatures from registered voters in Texas who did not participate in the recent presidential primaries. The task is daunting, and the requirements vary greatly across other states, complicating his efforts to appear on ballots nationwide.

Despite the odds, Else remains hopeful and encourages voters to write in his name if he does not make the ballot. His campaign highlights the broader discontent among voters, evidenced by recent polls showing a significant portion of the electorate dissatisfied with both Biden and Trump. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, a substantial majority believe neither incumbent should seek re-election.

Through his campaign, Literally Anybody Else is not just a name but a statement—an expression of the collective yearning for new leadership that transcends traditional party lines and genuinely serves the public interest. His message resonates with those tired of the status quo and seeking tangible change in how the country is governed.

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